Thursday, December 31, 2009

53.Another year to look forward to....

Another year goes by, and yet another year comes...Just had my last supper(er..of the year) now-(got it parcelled from Broast :D). I so badly wanted to see the last sunset of the year –Sigh! only if the beach had been a bit closer to the campus :( .....

Talking about the sun, did you notice the sky today? It was so gloomy, the entire day. The sun looked like a 40 watt bulb!!:O Apparently there is gonna be/ there was a lunar eclipse tonight. But, why did the sun look sad if the moon was going into hiding for some time?:O

As the last few minutes of 2009 tick away, I look forward, wishfully, to what 2010 has in store...

On a personal level,

· * I’ll be shifting to a new house next month, leaving the house where I had lived for the past 21 years. (Should I be happy or sad? I’m confused!)

· *My cousin will have her surname changed....hope my brother too gets married soon!!( i so badly wanna do some extravagant shopping!)

· *My underweight evil twin will start earning. She’s gonna work in some ‘Boasting and Consulting’ company :P

· *As for me....I’ll have earned my very first degree....but...Ah! a future all so bleak awaits me. Neither have I a university to boast about, nor a job to fall back on,yet. Never did my life seem so

On a global level,

*Spain will take over the Presidency of the council of the European union from Sweden on January 1

*The Burj Dubai, UAE, will be completed in January. It is already the tallest manmade structure ever built.

*The longest annular eclipse of the 21st century will occur on January 15·

*The Harbin international Snow and Ice festival, in China during, January

*Winter Olympics Vancouver, Canada in February

*Winter Paralympics Vancouver, Canada in March·

*The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, during June- July.

*The First world YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES 14 - 26 August 2010

* The 2010 commonwealth games, Delhi in October

* General Motors is expected to produce a commercially viable model of its
hydrogen-fueled drive.

* The East African community will implement a common currency called the East African shilling

Looking forward to it? HAPPY NEWYEAR!!


Leela said...

Geez! Thanks for the mention. :P Happy new year plucky. :D

Neethu said...

ya happy newyear!

Arv said...

Kewl stuff :)

Neethu said...

happy newyear

Hari said...

Shifting to the new house. Hmmm.

You didn't mention how palatial the 'new house' is. :P

Neethu said...

oh really?!wanna vlog about it?:P