Thursday, August 12, 2010

66. Getting OLD! :O

Ahh! Those were the days! ...When thanks to Captain Planet your day was saved, and Dexter used to be your alter ego and Didi bore a striking resemblance to your annoying siblings, and Tintin used to be your only true love....

I honestly never thought that I would ever grow up enough to give up Cartoon Network. I was Razor and my brother T-bone of Swat Kats.In The Centurions, I was Ace McCloud while my cousins were Jake Rockwell and Max Ray. Jonny Quest used to be my long term crush, until I ditched him for Tintin......The stoy goes on.... I used to pity mom and dad and all those unfortunate souls out there who were deprived of the pleasures of the world of cartoons.... I’m not sure when HBO, Star Movies and NDTV took the place of my CN domain..but it did, and so completely that now I seriously don’t know whether the good ol’ CN still exists!! :O

Gone are the days when Tinkle and Balarama used to be the ultimate encyclopaedias. A transition from those comics to more ‘serious’ books were not surprising...but I used to think of storing up Archies comic strips to last me till I turned 60! Alas! even Juggy has now become bland, vapid and insipid! (Barrons’ wordlist :P )

World wars used to erupt frequently at our house when someone got us(me and bro) chocolates. I used to be such a chocolate freak! Along with Philately (collection of stamps), Numismatics (collection of coins) my hobbies also used to include ‘Candytely’ ( collection of candies) and ‘Chocomatics’( collection of chocolates). But lately chocolates rarely interest me, save for a few favourite ones( Snickers, Twix, Toblerone....)

What do all these omens portend? Am I really getting older?? Am I also becoming one of those ‘boring adults’ ???

A couple of hours back, I turned 22. And I feel soooo old already.....(But thankfully I haven’t spotted a grey hair yet!:O ) But soon I will have to hear kids calling me ‘aunty’(Sigh!).(Thanks to my unique stature I have escaped this so far ;) ) Also I would not be able to get away with taking half-tickets much longer (believe me, I still do that ;) )....
Sigh! why do time travel so fast?!!

PS: I still have a thing for roses, cushions and case if you are wondering what to get me for my bday :P..and recently I also happen to develop a thing for N97, fastrack watches and shades, and sony HDR ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010

65. Do you like often like like saying 'like'?

Click on the pic and read

Like the plethora of the uninvited things that had entered into our lives and have taken roots, like those large ugly pimples, 'like' has become a part and parcel of our lingo. It has now got stuck to our tongues like leeches. Though it proves to be a convenient filler to the speaker, it is just like an irrrrritant gad fly to the listeners. Some of the other common fillers are 'means', 'mathlab' and 'you know'. You know....they just like spoil the beauty of the language....means they just destroy it!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

64. Hurt

People can hurt you only if (and only as long as) they matter to you!