Saturday, January 2, 2010

54. The ‘perfect’ first day!

A new year, a new beginning –a time to set things right, learn from mistakes, start over again, hope for the year to turn out to be good. I doubt if there is any other single day hyped so much all around the world, as the New Year day!-a day of resolutions and new determinations, everyone wants the day to turn out to be PERFECT.

I certainly am not superstitious! But I always want my Jan 1 to be a perfect day, as it sort of sets the pace for the entire year. So even though I may not follow it regularly at any other part of the year, I’m particular that on this particular day, I should pray properly, dress up properly, behave nicely to everyone, flip through the pages of (long forgotten) books and learn something.....In short, Jan 1 = the complete day(since 1988 :P)

I woke up cursing the girl banging at the door threatening to break it. The cursing transformed into an alarmed shriek in an instant, when my phone blinked 7:29am at me. Gosh! I had exactly 31 minutes to ‘prepare’ for my ‘perfect’ day and hit to the class. Ran to the bathroom with my bucket –had a ‘quick’ bath and brush which consumed more than half of my total available time.

I realised I hadn’t completed the seminar ppt I was supposed to present that day. I had left the finishing touches for the morning. You see, my perfect day was supposed to start at 5:30am. But I don’t even remember when I fell asleep last night. All I remember was that I wanted to do the last post of 2009 before hitting the sack....but then it was total blackout...Hangover?!!

Call comes from home. I hadn’t wished Mom Happy New Year yet. She starts to wish me, when I cut her short and hangs up the phone quickly shouting over to her “I WOKE UP LATE!”. Apparently she had tried calling me at midnight, but remember? I don’t remember anything! :-|

No time to have breakfast either. Attending first day first class on an empty stomach! Noooo!...this is not at all my ideal day! Little did I realize then, that my fist meal of the year wasn’t until 8.00pm....I stuffed the ppt file into a pendrive, and ran to the class. I didn’t even iron my clothes...Later in class I noticed that my umm.....zipper(pant) was undone and the price tag of my new top still dangling from the back collar. Thankfully(hopefully) my top and my hair was long enough, and nobody else noticed....Reached class in time, but sweating and panting –at least I didn’t get kicked out on the first day. I thanked God. Then I realized, that I forgot to pray! :-|

I knew then and there, that the day will turn out to be a blog material.

HP’s sandals broke on the way to the class...Phew! atleast I was not the only ‘chosen one’![I know I can be a bitch at times:P]

In the steel design class, I forgot to bring the code book, which is like an indispensable part of the course. I realized that my bench-mate and I shared more things in common, than the totally lost and frustrated look on our faces. I was too proud to borrow codes from others on ‘my perfect 1st day’. So was she. Once a borrower, always a borrower. So the rest of the class, I was scribbling this post at the back of my notebook. So much for the atleast-first-day-listen-attentively-in-class resolution.
I felt really bad when our group had to shun away from presenting the seminar ppt (it was an optional course, but we spent hours searching for the materials). Said NO to a task assigned on the first day itself. L The meeting with our project guide, and the proceedings at the PAN card mela took so much time that I barely had enough time to go back to hostel and have lunch. I was hoping to have lunch from outside, with a friend, but one shouldn’t hope/expect/assume too much. It really hurts when people close to you hurts you –intentionally or unintentionally. It really does! 

As luck would have it, the coffee shop too was closed. :-| I had to attend the afternoon extra class on an empty grumbling stomach. Grrr.....(that was my stomach!)

After class, a quick decision was made to pay Calicut city a visit, as a phone call informed us that our stitched blouses are awaiting us. The bus journey to city was as horrible as ever. The newly inaugurated fly-over did little to improve the traffic condition. Felt thoroughly exhausted and pukish by the time we reached Westlife. Thankfully, the saree and the blouse had escaped the ‘NewYear curse’ that was cast on the whole day. We bought parcels for dinner. Was dying to get back to hostel asap and lay hands on it. The empty, grumbling stomach, started growling now.

If you are an LH inmate, or an NITC student, or atleast faintly acquainted with the college, and if you exercise your brains a little, you can easily guess the next part of the day. It was 7.25pm when we reached the hostel, and the hostel guards made a fuss for about 15 minutes before we were let in. We weren’t disappointed, nor pissed –atleast we had food to look forward to. Ate (read gobbled) like 3 hungry beggars who saw food for the first time in the year.

The moon looked big, round and orange.

The juniors had arranged a NewYear party at the basketball court(LH) in which they got us all drenched to the core! :-| The rest of the night was spent in chatting and discussing about the coming farewell....and it was by midnight, that I got back to my room. The things-to-do list was lying on the corner of the bed –all the to-do-things, remained as ‘to-do’! I didn’t study even a single word on day 1. Hope the rest of the year, doesn’t turn out to be as ‘perfect’ as this. :-/


Anwesa said...

Well,this post added perfection to my day- it made me laugh.

P.S.:1st Jan was a holiday for me.

JiNeSH said...

nice and long post!!
it's best not to take any resolutions... :D

Neethu said...

atleast somebody had a perfect day!sigh!;)

Neethu said...

thanku:)..n i ll keep that piece of advice in mind ;)

Sorcerer said...

od! I had exactly 31 minutes to ‘prepare’ for my ‘perfect’ day and hit to the class...

Me thinking: errr... attending class on 1st?Whats the world coming into?

wow!! what an eventful day!!
consider eating energy bars for the rest of the year!! just a suggestion you see.

Arv said...

sounds good :)

Neethu said...


Paro said...

Ha that was a "perfect" post!!! Made me laugh, made me miss all th gud ol days and more!!! :)

Way to go gal!!!

Neethu said...

hey gud 2 cya back after a loooong visit once in a while;)
i missing college already. think FYS has started :(

Neethu said...

thnx fr the suggestion..ll keep that in mind and some energy bars in hand;)