Sunday, December 27, 2009

52. Another random post

I never really didn’t want to write this post, until she made the remark, “You are gonna blog about this aren’t you”...”Well not really” was my clichéd remark...but here I am!
Last week we had this school-reunion, wherein I met up with friends from school, after almost 4 years. Though I couldn’t spend much time doing ‘reunioning’ with everyone present, I had a fun time there! I was taken aback when many of them asked me why I hadn’t updated my blog for a long time. Wow! That was unexpected –people who barely are in touch with me, gets updates on me through my blog.
(Mental Note: I should censor future posts)
(Mental wish: i wish they would leave a comment when they read!)
Anyways, just knowing that there are people who read and enjoy my crappy posts, and giving feedbacks(er... that I have a ‘weird sense of humour’) itself was kinda thrilling. I didn’t need to explain them that 4 years in college have changed me a lot(except my hindi speaking skills) –the blog did that job too. They even asked me to consider writing a book. Yea right! LoL! (But seriously I wish I would one day....sigh!)
Later, I was horrified to realize that I had forgotten the names of atleast a dozen of my batch-mates!! I had to resort to asking awkward questions like, “Hi, what was your full name? I kinda forgot your surname.”, “I think I lost your e-mail id...what was it again?”...But I guess that’s not as bad compared to the situation in college where even after 4 years, I don’t know even the names of half of the guys in our batch. (Sheesh!..Neethu, you need to socialise!)
The journey back home in a friend’s car was..umm...interesting, I experienced Einstein’s time-dilation. ;) –a 5-minutes journey turned out to be a half an hour journey (No insults intended Neeta, I know you are a careful driver, and the traffic was horrible ;)
The day was good... it is good to know that friendships span time and distance. :D
(Note to the friends: Hope to meet you all again for Ragam ’10 .You better come!!)


Anisha S said...

hehe.. so u did blog abt d reunion... hehe.. nyz!

Neethu said...

ya...u guyz made me :|

Arv said...

Reading a random post like this surely does make me feel like blogging again :P

Neethu said...

really?then i ll write more :P

Rakhi said...

Hiya!Never thought you would blog about this day!And yeah,you are right...we understood that you have changed a hell lot after reading your blog :)

Your blahing away is hilarious to the core and if any day you get your book published, count me in the teeming crowd waiting for your autograph :D

Gee!The careful driver is turning all careless!Now,she thinks her Spark is a Ferrari and she's Schumacher.Thanks to you!

P.S.Will try my best to fulfill your mental wish :D

Neethu said...

Rakhi...saw ur comment only now after 1.5 yrs! heheh thanks! :D