Wednesday, July 4, 2012

71. Nam Wah Pai!

Even I don't know what that means. I came across this term for the first time during my initial jobless days in NUS when all that I used to do were whine about the high cost of living, whine about the high tuition fee and then whine again about the high food prices.

If it were not for the orientation programs conducted by the innumerable clubs and faculties in the campus, I would have died of either too much whining or too much boredom or too much loneliness, if not of too much joblessness. There are a lot of departments and clubs in the uni, and each of them organize various fun activities at the beginning of the semester for introducing themselves to the newcomers. Most of these events not only involve various interesting  activities, but often food and goody bags are also provided for all those who drop in to help them fill their seats. I see these as perfect opportunities to get back at least a fraction of the money invested in the exorbitant tuition fee at NUS. Sometimes these goody bags are really good with really goody stuff. So far I have managed to collect items ranging from Coffee mugs, water bottles, notebooks, t-shirts, post-it notes, travel pillow, marker pens , gift vouchers etc.

Thus my calendar, during the initial parts of the semester was filled with the schedules of all the orientations in various departments and those with either goody bags or free food were highlighted.

Coming back to Nam Wah Pai, it was one of the orientation programs that I happened to attend. Like I said before, I didn't have any clue as to what it was, other than that it was some kind of sport and free refreshments would be provided. Yes free I didnt have to think twice ;)

I arrived 20 minutes late for the event, helping to reinforce the general opinion of the Singaporeans that Indians indeed have poor time-management skills :-/

From the costume of the students there, I figured out it was some kind of martial arts. The students were working out in pairs -one helping the other to stretch. It was the warm-ups. I stood there watching and wondering how silly this looked, when 'Master Shifu' asked me to join in. I was to help a girl to do the stretches in a similar manner. Piece of cake...or so I thought...


I found out she was quite flexible!...way too flexible... I was so afraid to help her stretch too much, fearing that her back might just break into two! But she just kept insisting to push her back down and down until her torso and legs touched. There were few other scary stretches like the ones shown below, and I was glad to finally get done with it.

Little did I know my happiness was short-lived for it was my turn to be stretched next. I found that my entire body was stiff, and my torso, legs and other joints couldnt stretch beyond 30 degree angle. But I had help -from the girl whom I had helped a little while ago. And gosh did she help!! I felt my entire body being ripped apart and feared that my ligaments and bones would snap any moment. I was cursing her under my breath, wondering if she had some personal grudge against me. :-|

Phew! And after two excruciating hours of more torture, I limped back to my hostel munching a tuna sandwich, reminding myself that free food often comes at a price! :-/

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

70. It happened/happens to me!

Me(at Japanese Cuisine Stall) : "Auntie, one Curry Rice"
Japanese Stall Auntie(scans me up and down): "You student here ah?"
Me(nods vigorously smiling) : "Yes Yes"
Me(wow! thats new.... at least in this part of the world, they think I look older than what I really am..*grins broadly*:D)
Japanese stall Auntie(grins back): "You look very small la!"
Me(grin disappears :| )