Saturday, November 8, 2008

33. 40 Blues

I am nearing 40…and it’s nagging me by the day…Yes, I’m confused…I’m worried. Lines (of concern) have already started showing themselves on my temples…. The thought never was a matter of concern to me –though it used to bother others pretty much (… parents, bro, grandparents, uncles, aunts and the rest in the list of people who know nothing better than to worry over you…Ya ya..i know it’s all cos they love me). But now, things have changed; I cannot close my eyes to this anymore.

The stubborn pointer refuses to budge to the right. After weeks of steady decline, now it is as though it’s stuck at 40.If what they say is true, my worry can be rightly justified, for I ought to hit 50 within a span of the next 7 months –a virtually impossible thing for me to accomplish. How the heck am I gonna make it??

Apparently, only then, can I get placed in a decent core company from this college!!!What the *beep*??!
Rumors--true or not, I being the only one in this precarious position among my colleagues, I really need to work on this… all by myself….

So what am I supposed to do? Should I change my college, and go to another where there are no such restrictions? Or should I ditch my branch and take up some software job, and prove a traitor to my branch? Or will I be compelled to go for higher studies so that I’ll have more time to reach 50? Or should I bribe my medical examiner to switch the 4 with a 5? Or should I sabotage the damn weighing machine which refuses to budge? Or should I just eat and grow fat???