Monday, December 31, 2007

11. Musings on the newyear eve....

OMG!!'s 00:21am....the first hour of the last day of the last week of the last month of 2007...just a few more hours to go...for another year to fade away...Now as I sit here on my bed, with my lappy, contemplating on the previous one year...I realise.... I havent blogged at all this month ...gotta cook up something fast...

What better way to end an year, than to venture to do something I havent ever done before! So here I am, making an attempt to do on-the-spot-blogging.Ya I know it doesnt sound all that great, but for the lazy-bum that I IS a BIG thing...especially considering the enormous amount of effort I normally put in to create a single post! The monotonous laborious work of drafing a hard copy manuscript in my diary; editing it; making a soft copy in MSword; editiing it; re-editiing it; re-re-editing it...and finally, after many painstaking hours or days or sometimes even weeks....a post finally gets churned out...phew!! what should I write about??hmmm?? eyes wander around the room aimlessly....until it rests on my lil 'notice board'.There, on a corner, lies the 'LOST' post-it-note where I have jotted down the things I have lost over the past 1 semester. Well... these are the things that I've lost over the past 4 months....okay..only the ones that i remeber have been laid down here...

1.A gold earing(this particular earring kept on falling off my ears many a times and I kept on finding it back, until one day, finally it decided to ditch me forever...later I came to find out that the 'chechi' who sweeps the hostel had found my earring on the ground but thinking that it might be an imitation one,(due to the patches of white gold on it)....she dumped it in the waste bin:( poor earring is now reportedly resting in the dump pit of the NIT ladies' hostel….sigh :(

2.A small gold star of my gold bracelet(well i hadnt noticed its loss for quite some days...when finally when I noticed, I realized it too might have found its resting place like my earring, and i never bothered to search for it...)

3.A 5-movie containing dvd(infact it was presented to me by a friend:(...shhh dont tell him that its lost...hope he doesnt read this...:P)

4.A brand new t-shirt(have no clue as to where it disappeard!)

5.My lovely party-wear skirt...(ok..this one was not lost by me...but by a crazy who borrowed it to wear...hmpf!!she still hasnt replaced it...hope she reads this...:D )

6.Hmmm...oh yeah! and I've lost one password too...the one to my internet banking account...(Not a very good thing to lose, I must advise...Gosh! the hell lot of trouble it created to me on the day of my registration day!!)

7.'v' pens, 'w' pencils, 'x' erazers, 'y' sharpeners, 'z' rulers...(where v,w,x,y,z are arbitrary constants, whose value I've lost count of...)

....the list doesnt end there...but voila...another blog is ready... time to log off...cya!

Happy 2008!!!
(Hope I'll tend to lose less things this year!!!keeping fingers crossed ;))