Saturday, February 28, 2009

38. Stressed!

Alright! Maybe I had talked a li'l too much in the last post. Was vaunting away to glory that I was having the time of my life, and all was well and blissful so much so that life seemed to be a bed of roses...Well nothing could be as contrary to it, as was proved by the last few weeks or rather the whole month...Sessionals, lab tests, assignment, submissions, project work, drawing, seminars all kept coming in one by one ceaselessly!!!Man, S6 is hectic. Period.
Miniproject work(mipro) is literally eating away the whole of our time, including the weekends. Even a single set of experiments often leaves us completely drained of all our energy and thoroughly exhausted, rendering us useless for the rest of the day! Add to the physical exhaustion, we get mentally exhausted too, as we are supposed to come up with certain numerical models, wherein we concoct some relation between seemingly unrelated stuff….And imagine, if added to that comes financial exhaustion too!!! Yea, we break this 250 ml borosil measuring jar in the SM lab, and the next day saw us hunting the shops for a similar jar ….Yea, and that caused our pockets to weigh less by 505 bucks. But every cloud has a silver lining…and so did this. I had been searching for a flower vase to keep my money plant …A Fanta bottle was acting as its makeshift home, and there comes this black cloud! On extricating the silver lining, I made a beautiful home for my plant, that has a ‘techy’ edge to it…yea a ‘calibrated measuring vase’!(Those stones are also the souvenirs from civil lab;)
The mipro even robbed me of my Valentines’ day. Spent the whole day in the lab grr...!@$@!%Oh btw..Nikhil had gifted me this bouquent of white roses through his Valentine’s day post. Thankzzz!! atleast something to mark the day!
Anyways…looking forward, I can see only even more hectic days, as the next set of sessioanls are just round the corner. Added to that we have our interim mipro evaluation coming up soon…As though my hands are not yet full, I have the responsibility to keep updating the ragam blog too –which I have royally neglected so far…my Muse isn’t helping either.(Keep visiting the ragam blog for updates and try to make it for the event!)