Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10. Am I invisible or what???

So what if I am 5’1”? What if I am just 43kilos? Ok I know I am short and skinny(after all geniuses always come in small packets…can't help it)…but just give it a thought…should that make me invisible?

Come on okay, its not just once or twice that this has happened; it did not happen some ages ago –it happened a few years back, but then again it happened a month ago and yet again it happened a couple of days back…and given the present rate, the odds are that it will happen again within the next 24hrs or so (omg! studying ‘probability and statistics’ continuously for the past 3 months seems to have taken its toll on me). And again it didn’t happen at a particular place or time –it has happened way back at home, at school, at church and to my horror , I find it happening here too…in NITC

Many are the instances when people have failed to notice me when I’m very much present right in front of them. For some reason or the other, their sensory organs fail to detect the presence of a human being in flesh and blood in their vicinity, and they just look straight through me or walk by me (how..rude..hmpf!)….wanna see a few examples???Voila…

Location: NITC
Time: nearly 4 yrs back
It was my bro’s first day in college. We were all helping him out to arrange his stuffs in his new room(yup, I did enter the guys’ hostel(wink)) Then one of his roommates –a northy guy–began distributing sweets (his father apparently owned a sweet-shop and consequently he had a large pile of sweet boxes neatly arranged in his shelf). He gave the sweets to all –to each and everyone present in the room…except me –despite of the blatant fact that I was standing very next to him. Right before my eyes he closed the sweet packet; kept it safely in his cupboard and went about doing his work. Everyone in the room munched on the piece of delicacy, while I was left to watch them with watering mouth(boy…I was hungry too..)
So am I invisible or what? Or does the guy have some kind of ‘selective-blindness’?

Location: CTC(Calicut theological college)
Time: 1 year back
Every Sunday, after the service, we are provided with lunch (kanji –my favourite…yumm…) This particular Sunday, due to some special occasion, cakes were also being distributed. And guess what happened….those sitting on either side of me got the cake, while poor me was again left alone.
And I ask myself again…am I invisible or what?

Location: coffee shop
Time: sometime in the near past
During break, I walk up to this heavily crowded coffee-shop near the library and I manage to squeeze my way in through the mass.As my frame is custom built for this, it didn’t require much effort from my part to get through them. I get to the front of the counter and place my orders –“chetta 1 cappuchino and 1 hot-chocolate”…who is gonna hear me?... as can be very well predicted, the guy on the left of me gets his food, and the one on the right too gets his stuff…Ah! What to say more…the guy standing way behind me also gets his stuff, while I was left there –still waving and shouting, yet unseen and unheard!... Out of desperation I ask a former class-mate of mine standing nearby, whether he could see me or not. As if to add insult to injury, the guy pretends to look straight through me as though looking for the source of the voice…grrr…I had to ask the fellow@&^#*$... what is it with me and food??....and again... am I invisible or what??

No, it’s not just between me and food…

Location: School (HAC)
Time: 3 yrs back
As was the prevalent custom, during the week before the exam, I bunked a few classes. The principal, apparently finding no other work to do, summoned all the bunkers to her ‘royal court’ for ‘trial’. All the ‘miscreants’ were asked to give their defence. One by one they gave their in-situ concocted cock-and-bull story of having a head/tooth/back/ENT ache or of the wedding of a non-existent bro/sis/cousin. But suddenly something got into me –the angel in me(remember the funny looking lil angel with a cute halo on the head shown in the cartoons) popped up and told me not to lie…I know it wasn’t such a big deal or anything, but I stubbornly refused to lie. So that meant I was going to tell her that I bunked just like that…I was hoping against hope that she wouldn’t ask me…the second person next to me gave her excuse…I was praying…Oh! I wish I could turn invisible!...the person next to me too gave her excuse…God!...and…and that was it. She didn’t ask me. It was as if I was really invisible to her.
Was I invisible? Or was it divine intervention?...

Okay forget all these…push them all aside… we may be able to give them all some logical/divine explanations…but nothing will be as bizarre as this one…this is the multi!

Location: in front of DB 110(civil classroom)
Time: a week ago
During break, all the girls of our class and the neighbouring classes gathered around for the daily course of chit-chattering and gossiping. Crazy was standing in one corner blabbering away and I went behind her and knocked her on the head…She turned to her left, then to her right, again to her left and right, turned a full circle….and asked “aara enne adichathu?(who hit me?)” grrr…