Wednesday, August 12, 2009

47. No more a teen :(

Around 262 months back(ie. 1048 weeks to be precise), an army of Spermies entered the territory of Ms. Eggy. One brave li’l Spermy, fighting against all odds, succeeded in conquering Ms. Eggy, and so was I conceived!
Days passed and months passed; and my mommy kept growing fatter and fatter( so much so that the docs even thought that she was gonna have twins). After days of practicing kung fu and martial arts inside my comfy abode, I was forced to come into this world(harsh, wicked and cruel). My cries of protest was mistakenly taken as a ‘good omen’ by the docs, as they started shaking and spanking me(yea, I was already subjected to the brutality of the world!)
Days passed and months passed yet again; and I kept growing and growing…(er…though the process wasn’t really a fast paced one!) And today, here I am, turning 21 –though some think that I’ve got the units and tens placed mixed up!(How rude!)
Alright! Disclaimer: I do not have a growth retardation nor do I have any genetic disorder –though some people think so. If anybody thinks so, all I have to tell them is that, I was just grooming myself for doing the ‘Santoor’ Ad. (But only that…now they might give me the role of the girl who comes running, calling “MUMMY!” )

And one heck of a B’day did I have today. No, I did not have a B’day blast. But I did indeed have a nice day spending time with my loved ones and reflecting on the wonderful life that God has given me, and the ways in which He has led me throughout
“For you created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother’s womb
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that fully well.”
-Psalms 139:14
And there were surprises in store for me! Loads of ‘em.
I got a domain, MY OWN DOMAIN! all for myself. Thank you so much Mr Red Pill! I seriously never thought that you were serious about the gift!
Thank you MultiMamma, for the ‘BLAH’sphemy! I was expecting a post from you, but you gave me a whole blog. Wow!
Well, the list doesn’t end there(but my day does.Sigh!). I’m so grateful to have been blessed with a wonderful set of parents, bro, kith and kin, who have made my life so wonderful in this world(yea the same harsh, wicked and cruel one!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

46. The thread of love

In this era when sibling rivalry is a more heard of term than sibling love, it’s good to take one day off to reflect on how our siblings influence our lives, how much they are a part of our lives, and how much love they deserve from us.
It’s funny that our siblings are the only ones whom we can hate as much as we love them. It’s amazing, how the first rival of our childhood, over the years, transforms into the one we love, admire and adore. Differences, how many there may be, our siblings are made of the same stuff as we are, and has been at our side, (whether figuratively or literally)from the beginning.
One needn’t necessarily be a blood relation to be your brother or sister. There are so many wonderful brothers and sisters out there, who make life so marvelous for us.
Today, is that special occasion to celebrate this wonderful relationship –by tying the holy thread which ‘pulsates with sisterly love and sublime sentiments’. And indeed I'm elated to, have ‘tied the knot’ today.