Thursday, August 16, 2007

9. The Game continues.....

This is total crap. DUMB I’ll say. To be frank, I wouldn’t have ventured to write this post if not for obvious reasons. Well…no prizes for guessing the reasons…Ya, I have yet again been affected by the looso-musia-syndrome. Dearth of topics to write about, coupled with the constant nagging of fella-bloggers who had tagged me eons ago compelled me to commit this act. And of course, a little publicity will never hurt.…so here I am, having finally joined the... er…what was it??...ya the “8RF” club. I’ve been Tagged by the devil and the game continues(grumble)...

Here are the rules:
1.Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2.Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3.Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

So here goes the Eight random facts about myself:

#1. I’m one li’l lazy bump. My laziness knows no bounds. It can take any form ranging from waiting at length for someone to pass by to take that li’l notebook from my cupboard to postponing this post by nearly 2 months….
But I simply love bugging people(read my testimonials ppl…). I bug people irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, sex, sect, age etc…etc…etc.

#2. The less tastier the food supplied to me is, the more I tend to eat. Believe it or not, I gained 5kilos by the end of my first year at college, surviving only on the mess food(yuk!..).Weird…Ain’t I?

#3. I’m a Hindi-challenged person. No matter how hard I try, Hindi and I never get along(sniff…sniff…) during the past one year I have witnessed many a northy friends of mine fleeing the scene when I start jabbering in ‘hindi’ :(

#4. I’m basically a night-bird. My grey cells seem to get activated only after the stroke of 12, which is why many of my blogs are posted after midnight.

#5. I’m not afraid of darkness; nor of heights, roller coaster rides; of ghosts, zombies, demons, draculas, haunted stuffs, horror films/books etc…but a tiny li’l spidy can scare me off my wits!Ya, i'm a lil arachnophobic....

#6. I hate dressing up. I find it a great burden when I am supposed to get dressed up for a wedding or a birthday party. I’m most comfortable in my bro’s shabby old T-shirts and shorts.

#7. Till 9th standard I hadn’t read much, other than Tinkle, Archies, Balarama, Balabhumi etc.(Of course, I’m not talking about text books). But now, having discovered the wonderful world of words, I cant live without books.(Of course again, I’m not talking about text books..i can do very well without ‘em).

#8. As a child, I have always wanted to be an astronaut –conquering the space; being another Kalpana Chawla; when even the sky cannot be the limit…Aaah!!.. But here I am, now stranded in the Civil-dept, not knowing where to step next…Somebody help me!!!

Phew! now that it is done with...lemme go bug 8 other people...

Crazy-one crazy gal who writes so damn well if she wants to....and she's got this collection of yet unpublished poems.
Kim-Hmm...a blogger in the making; had a nice time helping him out with his blog.he's got a lotf weird topics to discuss about..
Garfy-he writes kindf philosophical stuffs..but worth reading though
Nematho-She's got a damn good blog
APJ-he's disappeared after putting up one post...but a damn gud photographer he is..
Tito- ever heard of "mlogging"?just hav a look at his b(m)log...this is one of the few b(m)loggers i ve met who m(b)logs with such a high frequency.
PP-hmm...funny guy,writes well-actually i duno him all that well.
Hipo-Well..she hasnt started blogging yet..but comon...i hav to get 8 ppl..

Tag on ppl.....