Thursday, June 26, 2008

27. Boredom can unleash creativity!

Yup! That’s the truth that I discovered recently! All thanks to the 3 month long vacations, when for once, time really seems to stand still and seems to extend like the mighty oceans and when laziness prevents you from indulging in any physical activities, and when ‘academicophobia’ prevents you from doing anything related to acads, and when your grey cells so stubbornely refuse to churn out some good topics to blog…you really have no option but to get stuck with boredom!! Yeah! I too get BORED! And what do you do when you are bored? You have absolutely nothing to do that you find some means of evading the uninvited guest –Mr.Boredom…And that is when I was reminded of brushing up my long forgotten pass-time of sketching… I tried blowing off the dust from my not-been-in-use-for-quite-sometime aristic cells…and voila! A little coaxing from a friend and a few strokes from HB pencil did bring forth something! :D
Yeah! You might have guessed it right! I’m really outa topics to blog. sigh!..........

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

26. Let The Music Do The Talking

Devil tagged me again! This one’s all about muziq. I’m no muziq buff and couldn’t do this tag alone. Had to take help…
The tag doesn’t have a’s left for the bloggers.Let The Music Do The Talking is a song by Aerosmith(well I haven’t heard the song myself…google found this one for me…)
1. Which song is being played in your mind right now?
Heart of Worship by Matt Redman(ya, as they's hard to play any other song in mind when its currently being played in the Mp3. )

2. One song that describes your life... (No self made compositions please!)
Amazing grace……“But by grace, I am what I am” [1 Chor10:15]

3. The song you listen to most on your I-pod/ MP3/ cell/ PC/ etc
My favourites keep on changing from time to time…but invariably I have to hear the windows music each time I turn on/off the comp. Dun think I’ve heard any other music this number of times….( I know… that was a poor attempt…sigh!)

4. A song that describes best the following stages in your life
School days:
KK's Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai....
- Love: Love by Petra based on 1 Corinthians 13….there’s no better way to describe it!
- Your mood right now: Linking Park’s Numb…the dull boring vacation is responsible for making me go NUMB!

5. Your all time favourite song and the reason for it... maybe some memory/ some funny story etc!!!
Ditto answer to ques no:3 …my favourites keep on changing….

6. A song you wish you hadn't heard!!! (More than one is always a pleasure!!!)
All..(well not all…almost all…) the heavy metals and death metals and other metal craps(milder versions being an exception) which threaten to pop my brain out of the head and eyeballs out of their sockets…
Death metals have disgusting lyrics too. Take a look at A Skull full of Maggots by Cannibal Corpse. Dont tell me i didnt warn you...the lyrics are repulsive...
Lying there cold after a torturous death
Your life ended fast you took your last breath
Dead in a grave, your final place
The maggots infest your disfigured face
Pus through your veins takes the place of blood
Decay sets in, bones begin to crack
Thrown six feet down left to rot
Brains oozing black down the side of your broken neck
Skull full of maggots
They enter your tomb - maggots - beginning to feast - maggots
Crawling on you - maggots - now they eat you - maggots
Rotting maggots - maggots - infesting your corpse - maggots
Parasites of the dead - maggots - now dwell in your head
Ew! Who comes up with such stuff?!

7. A song that would best describe... me
(Hey, I took pains to tag you, I guess I deserve this ;-) )

A rather difficult question to describe a rather difficult female…but the good old nursery rhyme is rather a special song for her….so here’s to you Lee---London bridge is falling down…

8. (I just couldn't miss this!!!) If, you were in an elevator with Himesh Reshammiya and Altaf Raja, you would...
(please please please... something funny!!!)

Er…who are they??( toldya I’m no good in dis muziq field :(

K. Now to tag people.
I tag Chronicwriter, MultiMenon, Viajero, Evil-blogger, Crazy, Paroo and all others who want to let muziq do the talking…

Saturday, June 14, 2008

24. Friends, bloggers, ATM users…

Yeah…so the above mentioned people…lend me your ears(ya am in shortage of ears…)for I have come to telya something important and not to just blah blah!
Last day I went to the ATM to withdraw some cash. There was a man who was already in the ATM counter collecting his cash, so I had to wait for him to get out. I hopped in as soon he got out and guess what I saw in the ATM monitor?
Do you want to continue? Enter YES or NO (a timer was doing count down)
My reflexes, being a little too sensitive, my fingers hit the YES option even before I realized what I was doing. The monitor blinked for a moment and there comes before me another screen:
Welcome Mr shivakumar.(oh! so dat's the guy's name eh?)
I was elated!
Enter your PIN:_ _ _ _
Uh oh! There comes the trouble…But once again my reflexes took the better of me..and once again, before I fingers punched in four numbers **** (my pass code to be precise).
Incorrect PIN. Try again…
Well this is what I expected to appear on the screen but guess what? Guess again! There comes on the screen the page showing,
My excitement knew no bounds…I could have jumped up with excitement. I hit an unknown guy’s unknown PIN correct -a probability of 1 in 9999.Woah!I coudn't wait to tell it to the whole world....
I punched the FAST CASH option and sure enough there comes the next screen with various options…
RS 1000
RS 2000
RS 3000
RS 5000
I got a little scared now! I couldn’t trust myself…so before my reflexes do its nasty play again, I pressed the cancel button and the transaction was cancelled. What would I have done if I had punched in some amount and the money came out?
So next time you use your ATM, make sure that your transaction is complete and you properly log out, cos not everyone will have a problem with using somebody else’s money…
Well…this is what I was planning to blog as soon as the incident took place last week. I was really thrilled by the whole thing and was wondering what could have happened if I had entered some amount, and got the cash…I couldn’t wait to get back home to tell my parents about it. I was infact puffing up with pride that I had acted honest, in a place where I could have treated myself to some bucks. Only later did someone explain to me while I was in the process of narrating to the ‘n’th person, my little 'episode at the ATM' that I was enlightened of the fact that SBI ATMs logs you in with whatever PIN you enter, and you could do all the above mentioned processes without any problem. Only at the last step when you really punch in some amount to withdraw cash, will the monitor show:
Incorrect PIN!try again!.
And that too, you will only have 3 chances of entering incorrect PIN after which the card gets locked automatically…Anyway thanks to the guy, I saved myself from a lot of embarrassment. But still…all you ATM users, please be careful henceforth ;)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

23. 123...

Tag again! But this one’s quite an interesting tag. It’s weird too. I got tagged for this post by Lee and Chrony at about the same time, when I had already made plans for stealing this tag from some arbit blog:D
The rules: Pick up the nearest book. Go to page 123. Find the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

The book that I found nearest to me was my mother’s personal diary. No! I dare not touch that one…for one thing, the diary obviously doesn’t have its pages numbered, besides who knows what lies in the 5th sentence of the 123rd page. Should I dare browse through her diary? Naa….
So I went for the next book; found the 123rd page; and the 5th sentence goes on like:
That is why worldly pleasures cannot satisfy our deepest longings.
The next 3 sentences…
The cross says, “Don’t look to the material world for ultimate meaning and fulfilment.” The day before His crucifixion, Jesus warned, “Now is the time for judgement on this world”(John 12:31). Our worldliness was in Christ, and the Father judged it at the cross.
The book is Outrageous Mercy by WM.P.Farley.(Yea I still haven’t finished reading that book which I had started 3 blog-posts ago ;)
Now,the tagging part:
Crazy (glad to see you back after 1 whole year)
MechRani(do you know that she has a blog?)
(huh? All NITians??)
Now for the acknowledgements(what’s this for anyways??):
Lee: Blah…blah..blah…blah..blah
Chrony:Blah blah…blah blah…blah blah…
(I bet you guys’ll not get acknowledged like this ever, willya? You can thank me now!;)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

22. Anything can be an art!

Argh!!!Household chores! Remember how I hate them? Well if you don’t, then you gotta better go through my post on mopping the floor once again…
Anyways, then it was mopping the floor, but now it's folding clothes...argh!such dull, boring, mundane job!!!
But not anymore after I came across this video…it’s kinda intresting...goes to prove that anything can be an art!

(funny language they speak, dont they?)
Try it out for yourself! You’ll find it interesting too... at least for the first few times.By then you’ll have gladly helped your momma too. But make sure that you don’t end up ruining the cothes!