Friday, July 23, 2010

63. (Un)Welcome showers

Sweltering heat or shivering cold -that was what Delhi has always been to me. So this time around, when I had to make a trip to Delhi, I went dreading the wrath of the scorching sun. But what awaited me there was......

Courtesy: somewhere on the net

Yes...a raining delhi...The first time I am getting to see a drenched Dilli. The weather was perfect, though rainy. The rain was sporadic and intermittent, but the roads got flooded in no time( It is proving to be a stiff competition to Mumbai and our very own Tampanoor). The Delhi Corporation doesnt seem to care much for the drainage system, maybe because rain is only a 'visiting proffesor' there. But something definitely needs to be done, asap! Look at the roads!!!!

Got stranded in a little old street shop for 2-3 hours due to the rain. We pretended to be interested in their jackets and gloves, and kept trying on various clothes and asking their prices until the shopkeeper realising that we had no intention of buying anything from him, kicked us outta the shop.(These hindi people can be rude at times! hmph!)

Though the rain abated soon, the roads were flooded. We couldnt even wade through the water cos it was so dirty and the garbage was strewn all over, like little fishing boats out at the sea.

So we continued waiting, as Sanjay, Kunal and Bipasha looked on and smirked at the hapless people stranded in the rain.

The already miserable Delhi traffic jam only aggravates once the sky opens.

Our car could move only at snail's pace. My shopping day got ruined. But I guess it was worth it, to be out in the rain in the capital city ;)