Thursday, March 27, 2008

14. My muse...My canvas...Ragam '08

Ah! it's that time of the year again...the much awaited 4 day carnival of fun and festivity(hopefully) has eventually arrived.Ragam '08 kicked off with great pomp and show at 18:00 hrs today(well I guess so...cos I wasn't able to attend the inaugration ceremony). The chief guest, Mr Sreeram(a famous film actor and social worker) enthralled the audience with his captivating talk. At first, I had a hard time figuring out who the guy was...The name never rang a bell...So half of my evening was spent in triyng to identify this 'mysterious' celebrity.But the goodnews is...I did eventualy find out who the guy is:D(wanted to give a link to his phtoto here for the benefit all those fella ignorant souls like me ...but google prooved to be quite un-co-operative...sigh!)

Still in my room, I was buzy cleaning up my messy place.(Yeah! my old friends would be landing here tomorrow...a reunion after around 2 long years. Wow!looking forward to tomorrow...a few hours more...)Yeah! my room is clean once again after a loooong time...Thanks to Ragam '08.

Raghu Dixit and his band's performance had the audience dancing and swaying to their tunes(well I hadn't ever heard of them either)...Though initillay, the programme was delayed due to various technicalities, the performance turned out to be a hit!!But unfortunately again, somethings came up and  I missed out their performance too :(

Hmm...the next four days are gonna present another treasure trove of memories to cherish for a life time. Nooo...I don't want it to end though...Life's gonna be tough after this weekend,with end sems and assignment submissions and other such torture-inducers approaching --reality will strike again soon :|

So... am gona have a blast this Ragam '08..Njoying!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

13. The FranaB Series

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. When God created man on earth, he made each of them different-unique in their own way...But the 21st century witnessed a creation that can be classified as THE MOST eccentric, THE MOST nutty, THE MOST erratic, THE MOST..... er… ran out of words...hang on lemme get the thesaurus......yep gotcha....THE MOST queer, THE MOST outlandish, THE MOST enigmatic of all the contemporary creations. This unique specie's present whereabouts have reportedly been located in a far far away land in a corner of the great indian sub-contontinent in an instituion near 'kattangal metropolitan' named NIT...
Well if you are now thinking that I'm talking about myself, then you are wrong...why would I be bitching about myself?? Ok, now that doesn’t imply that I'm bitching about this female under discussion either. So without much ado, let me introduce to you all Ms Frana aka FranaB..
Name: Frana James Pampackal

FranaB, as she is more popularly known,(the B supposedly stands for 'buji'…However, it has also been alleged that the B also stands for a particular person in our own NITC itself(hmmm?)..Whatever the truth maybe…Ah who cares what the truth is…So where was I???Yeah so as her name clearly says, she is one heck of a buji, but a weird one mind you…Her passions are many -needles to say WEIRD too- ranging from sleeping, bunking classes, scoring high GPAs, making long duration STD calls, dancing with teddy bears, killing people with unending sessions about black holes and the origin of the universe blah blahs….Poor female has the unique ability of becoming the victim to people's pranks, each one in itself will make a separate blog post which I will be describing in detail in my subsequent posts. The Bang on the head, The april fool's day incident, and the much famed Radio Mango being just the tip of the huge iceberg that the exploits of FranaB is…

A character more difficult to understand , you wouldn’t find. She is this nutto who scored an S in dynamics(the course notorious for awarding scores of students with back paper), in which majority of the lot,including yours truly barely managed to scrape through, at the same time she nearly got a back in ED due to attendance shortage…Aint the dudette weird?? this becoming more like one of those testimonilas from orkut?If so, well, I dun care… :P

Okay, guess its time to wind up. Cya around later for more updates on the Frana unplugged series..(that is if yours truly doesn’t get murdered by the subject under discussion…she can turn violent at times…(gulp!))

PS:special thanks to Anu for the caricature... ;)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

12. Learn to say 'NO'....

He asked her for her id;
...She didn't say 'NO'.
He asked her for her number;
...She couldn't say 'NO'.
Then he asked for her picture;
She didn't know why, but she couldn't say 'NO'.

He asked her for her company;
...She couldn't say 'NO'.
For her time, her privacy;
Still she couldn't bring out a 'NO'.

Ah yes! Finally he asked that too-
He asked her for her heart;
...She never said 'NO'!

A hug, a kiss...she searched for words,
But 'NO' seemed to be
a non-existant word in her dictionary?!!

Yes, It's easier to say "I will",
Than to say "I will not"!
'Tis very easy to say 'YES!'
But it takes a lot from you to say 'NO!'
Know that 'NO' can do more good to you
at times, than'YES' can...


Studying in a college, away from home, have made me come face to face with many a realities of life. RELATIONSHIPS....each moment one is built up at the same time another breaks up. Little do we realize how immature we are at this stage to blindly follow  our hearts and feelings. And once  you plunge into the swamp, it is a pretty uphill work if u decide to surface again....
This poem(as i may call it)is for all those who, is likely to venture into this new world of fantasy!!Hope it helps!!