Friday, February 27, 2015

74. SAWADIKA! -The Bangkok Trip

The City:  The city seemed to be quite developed. Roads and public toilets were relatively clean and maintained.  A few beggars could be seen near the MRT stations. 7-11 seemed to be the national shop of Thailand as you can find one or two after every kilometer. The general architectural style of the city seemed to be that of the temple one – most of the buildings, houses and even bridges have roofs with ornamented gabled-ends.  The entangled mess of overhead electric lines would have baffled Mr. Kirchhoff himself :P

Traffic: One word for it –Horrible! The worst experience was that of the 1-hour bus journey for a 2 km distance. So taking MRT wouldn't be a bad idea, for traveling to MRT accessible places during peak hours. 

Public transport: MRT and sky train systems are so poorly integrated, and have poor connectivity to places.  They are not cheap either. Sharing a cab by 3 or 4 would be cheaper and advisable for traveling during off peak hours. Patience bears a metered taxi. Wait for it.  We never tried the public bus. 

Food: Again, one word for it –Awesome! I guess Thai is one of the few cuisines that suites Western, Indian and South-East-Asian taste buds alike. Also it has a lot of options for vegetarians as well.

Weather: it's better to always carry a rain guard with you. Weather is similar to Singapore and Kerala.

Safety: If you take care of yourself and travel in groups and go around at the right places, it's decently safe.

Thai vocab: Sawadika - hello (for females); Kab koon - thank you (for females)

My takeaway: The trip was quite nice and educative. It made me realize that I really really need to travel more. Travelling can really modify your perspective and make you grow. Being in a group, the members of which I wasn't really close with, I learnt that different people have different preferences, concerns and skills. There are foodies, shoppers, explorers, photographers and aimless people. Timely and good food is important to some. Enough rest for others. Leisurely pace for the others. I can't chop chop everyone every time. Planning beforehand saves a lot of time, effort and money. Raincoat makes walking around in rain more comfortable. Shelling out a few bucks for a local sim-card with data is not a bad idea. Travel adaptors are a must. Don't hesitate to speak up your ideas and wants and needs. And don't get disappointed if they are not heeded to. Helping others always helps you. 

Kab Koon! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

73. It happened/happens to me….. again!!

Airhostess (announcement): “The seatbelt sign has been switched off, however for your own safety…blah ..blah.. blah… refreshments will be served shortly. We will be serving food for the children first.”
Me (Gosh! I’m so hungry, now I will have to wait till all those pesky kids are fed! Hmph! )
Airhostess (reaches the row behind my seat, with her food trolley and her one-liner): ”We will be serving the children first”.
Me (How much longer?! Sigh!...The smell of food made my tummy growl)
Airhostess (reaches my row and repeats her chant): “We are serving the children first”
Me (Alright get on with it fast. There are no children over here……. Wait! Was she looking in my direction?!!!)
I gave her a meaningful ‘matured’ smile just incase.. you know.. to avoid any confusion…
Airhostess (her eyes and wide smile fixed on me): “Do you want veg meals or non-veg meals?”
Me (swallowing my pride along with a few years of my age): “Okay, veg meals please”

I was served orange juice with the meal. No wine. No coffee. No tea. :-|