Monday, January 4, 2010

55.Just millimetres separated her from a 3 storey fall!

The year barely started and it’s already filled with action. Happening things are happening everyday, except for studying and this is really freaking me out.(my status is still unemployed-and-dunno-what-lies-ahead K) Now to my account of the suicide attempt that kept the LH on th edge....

It was at about 9.30 while I was returning from Chacko’s room, after a futile attempt to crack the geo assignment, that I noticed a little commotion going on outside my room. Some girls were leaning over the balcony parapet. Fear and horror were written on their faces! I feared the worst –a suicide attempt?No it can't be.... I was shocked to find that my worst of the wildest imaginations was being materialised right before my very eyes!

She was standing on the edge of the sunshade. A chill ran down my spine! I froze! My whole body became numb. My throat had gone dry. I couldn’t even give out a scream..... just millimetres separated her from a 3 storey fall!

We tried using hangers, broomsticks and ropes, but the feline seemed to find them more life-threatening than a fatal fall.....After about half an hour of cajoling, coaxing and trying to lure her to safety, she finally jumped to the relatively flatter and broader part of the sunshade, where the inclined shades came to a stop. From there, many interconnecting sunshades and pipes could serve as her route to safety. Phew! We returned to our rooms. At least no bloodsheds on the 3d day of the year!

An hour later I heard voices and hurried footsteps outside my room. I opened it to find nearly the whole wing gathered in front of the room. I followed their transfixed gaze down the balcony. The paranoid suicidal kitten had returned to the suicide point!

We held our breaths –sure to witness a tragic free fall. Some weak souls turned their faces away. Some said ’tch tch’. A few tear drops were shed.....(okay that was a long shot! :P)

What are we to do?

Suddenly, our hero –The Che-Kkan-enters the scene. Under the frenzy to save the kitty, Chekkan tried to jump over the parapet and save her.

But we were in no mood to witness multiple murders on the same day. We pulled Chekkan back in.
Come on, think something smart!...and quick!....someone suggested a bucket(Gee!was that me?:D)

I volunteered to give my bucket. So now I will have an excuse for not taking a bath tomorrow! ;) The bucket was brought and lowered in.

Look at her! What Jaada! What Ahangaaram! She wouldn’t get in. Guess she was rather enjoying the limelight.

Come on again...think something smarter! Someone suggested a bait (Gee! Was that me too? :P)

Saliny(now Tintu Mol :P) brought a piece of cake from her room and threw it inside the bucket.(I made a mental note to pay her a visit soon). The cat fell for it. It was inside the bucket, and Swoosh! Kitty was bucket-lifted to safety. Somehow, the cat reminded me of Joey( I told you I am watching too much of F.R.I.E.N.D.S these days!)

So thanks to Che-Kkan and the piece of cake(and my bucket too!), the day is saved!

PS: This incident made Che-Kkan to go down the long list of the legendary Khans(Shahrukh-Khan,Aamir-Khan,Salman- Khan,Ghengi- Khan,Sher-Khan,Moor-Kkan ......:P)


Arv said...

God Bless y'all :)

Neethu said...

You 2!:)

Nikhil Menon said...

:P who was that mudi ulla yakshi!! I had my eye balls popping out in horror! :P

Lotsa brickbats.. :P

Sorcerer said...

"Operation bucket the kitten" Succeeded

so thats how a ladies hostel looks like..
wow!! acres and acres of ladies.

Neethu said...

yea...welcome aboard :P

ziauddin said...

wow!! that was one awesome cliff hanger of a blog.. :D
Did you know by the way that cats can jump down several floors and maneuver their bodies so they land safely?? :P

Neethu said...

thnx ji! btw...
"....Using their righting reflex, cats can often land uninjured. This is, however, not always the case, and cats can still break bones or die from falls. In a 1987 study, published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, of 132 cats that were brought into the New York Animal Medical Center after having fallen from buildings, it was found that the injuries per cat increased depending on the height fallen up to seven stories but decreased above seven stories......" Source:Wiki
PS: in this case, it was a 3-storey building

reenu said...

oh that was one helluva night and a crazy kitten!!i guess it was enjoying all that attention..good blog neethu! :)

Neethu said...

aha! so i can make ppl comment h?:P thanku chaku ;)

sm said...

operation saving kitty
thanks for sharing story with the pics.

Neethu said...

u r welcome :)

Anwesa said...

And I thought cats can survive falls!
But your wiki-research silenced me.

P.S. : Convey my compliments to Miss Blue(1st pic)-she has beautiful long,curly hair.

Neethu said...

1st pic?:O dats the kitty:P

Anwesa said...

sorry..the second (see i'm so lost in her :P :P)

Anonymous said...

did u guys wash d bucket before saving the kitty??? :P

Neethu said...

hw RUDE!...sleeping h?:x

Neethu said...

Ashayanennu thoonunnu...:P

its meee said...

tintu mol?
write abt it :D

Neethu said...

@its youuu..
what will i get?;)


nother smartER way..
assemble the khans and others on the ground, vetically under the kitten, with a stretched bed sheet between them..
push the kitten out...a mew later,it will land on the bedsheet on its four legs...
had done it from a ht of 1.5 floors..was perfectly ok!!
nex time if the kitten stands on the edge, try my way!!

Neethu said...

oh yea!gud idea!but should find a person willing to sacrifice their sheet!;)

AnoopDas said...

enjoyed reading all..u r lot of fun..

Neethu said...


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I just noticed the last Khan now!!

Neethu said...

Should I add MAK too? :P