Thursday, March 27, 2008

14. My muse...My canvas...Ragam '08

Ah! it's that time of the year again...the much awaited 4 day carnival of fun and festivity(hopefully) has eventually arrived.Ragam '08 kicked off with great pomp and show at 18:00 hrs today(well I guess so...cos I wasn't able to attend the inaugration ceremony). The chief guest, Mr Sreeram(a famous film actor and social worker) enthralled the audience with his captivating talk. At first, I had a hard time figuring out who the guy was...The name never rang a bell...So half of my evening was spent in triyng to identify this 'mysterious' celebrity.But the goodnews is...I did eventualy find out who the guy is:D(wanted to give a link to his phtoto here for the benefit all those fella ignorant souls like me ...but google prooved to be quite un-co-operative...sigh!)

Still in my room, I was buzy cleaning up my messy place.(Yeah! my old friends would be landing here tomorrow...a reunion after around 2 long years. Wow!looking forward to tomorrow...a few hours more...)Yeah! my room is clean once again after a loooong time...Thanks to Ragam '08.

Raghu Dixit and his band's performance had the audience dancing and swaying to their tunes(well I hadn't ever heard of them either)...Though initillay, the programme was delayed due to various technicalities, the performance turned out to be a hit!!But unfortunately again, somethings came up and  I missed out their performance too :(

Hmm...the next four days are gonna present another treasure trove of memories to cherish for a life time. Nooo...I don't want it to end though...Life's gonna be tough after this weekend,with end sems and assignment submissions and other such torture-inducers approaching --reality will strike again soon :|

So... am gona have a blast this Ragam '08..Njoying!!!


Radical Surge said...

Quite funny and interesting.....blogs lookin gud....even though the blah..blah needs a rethink..... :-)

Neethu said...

thnx again:D :D
thought again...its still blah!blah! and more blah!!! :D

Radical Surge said...

always listen to ur elders....ketittille??

Neethu said...

yup i did listen...i did think again...dint i??? :P

Leela said...

Hava a blast of a time, chinky!

Neethu said...

ya sure,you bet I am having a blast of time...(but in between brief spells of boredom too..sigh!)

Anonymous said...

i miss those college days

Neethu said...

@chriz day u ll miss these days Njoy!!!and live to the fullest!