Friday, July 6, 2007

8. I still haven't learned.....

There goes me blog-hopping again, hoping to get some new ideas, with ma darling Muse…and I spot, in one of the blogs, a post entitled “What I have learned”…

I'VE LEARNED that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is to be someone who can be loved....The rest is up to them.
I'VE LEARNED that no matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesn't stop for your grief.
I'VE LEARNED that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change.
I'VE LEARNED that either you control your attitude or it controls you…
………………..and blah blah……… and blah blah….(if you are jobless, for more of them…(

Oh! How touching!! How romantic!!! How senti!!!! How inspiring!!!! How so boring!

So buddy, what have ya learned from your life so far? –I ask myself.
Hmmm….. I start off my “hmm…” chant as usual and scan my brain frantically for what I HAVE REALLY LEARNED FROM LIFE SO FAR? ...??..???...????...????? and more question marks...
_______________________________blank :(

Oh wait! Got it! Wanna know what I’ve learned? huh?... ll tell ya something else…What I still haven’t learned –---from all those innumerable so called “life-experiences”… no matter how much I’ve tried… no idea whether I’ll ever learn them at all, in ma entire life…

I(still)’VENT LEARNED even after undergoing through scores of torturous exam-eve-blues(when I come face to face with the bitter reality that I’m totally blank for the next day's exam) that I should quit procrastinating my daily lessons.
I(still)’VENT LEARNED that my just-a-2-minutes-break-for-scrap-checking will eventually turn out to be a 2 hour long masala of chatting, scrapping and blogging session and that it would finally churn a 4-digit telephone bill the next month.
I(still)’VENT LEARNED that no matter how boring the long vacations prove to be they still seem to be appealing once class starts; and no matter how dumb the classes are, they miraculously transform into “those good old classes that I miss now” once vacations start.
I(still)’VENT LEARNED that it’s mandatory(or rather common-sense) to carry an umbrella with you when going out during the rainy season, as a result of which I go about begging people to share their umbrellas and end up getting myself as well as the large-hearted-umbrella-sharer completely drenched.
I(still)’VENT LEARNED that I shouldn’t attempt to act like grown-ups. No matter how hard I try to behave in a matured way, I end up making a total fool of myself –hardly understanding the ‘adult-talks’ of fella people and bulbing often at the “double-meanings intended”.
I(still)’VENT LEARNED that all those musical nights and other craps held in the open-air-theatre will invariably turn out to be a big BORE. Hence I’ll be running to all those 101 events in the OAT only to go there and crash un-peacefully on one of ma friend’s shoulders, amidst the 100 decibel speakers jarring from all sides.
I(still)’VENT LEARNED that library books are meant to be borrowed; read and returned before the due date and not just for the sake of increasing the stud-look of my bookshelf. Needless to say, now I’ve become a regular donor to the college library treasury.
I(still)’VENT LEARNED no matter how much I eat I’m not gonna grow any fatter, which is why I can often be seen around hogging every now and then, whatever edible, I find here and there, hoping for a miracle.
I(still)’VENT LEARNED that the more number of pens and pencils that I buy, the more number of them I keep loosing. Last year, I must have bought at least 30 pens… can’t help it…my pens keep ditching me and run away. :(
I(still)’VENT LEARNED that it’s high time that I throw away my cutie-cutie cuddly teddy-bears and soft toys that have ‘grown up’ with me and have been with me so far(am in my late teens now…sniff..sniff)
………………..and blah blah……… and blah blah…

But one thing that I did learn now –right now- is…



JiNeSH said...

ayyyee koooii :P :P

Neethu said...

now wat was that for????huh?

Leela said...

u HAVENT learned tht jobless ppl are so jobless ki they relish the crap u write anyways..
cheers :)

Unknown said...

like i ve a learnd a few things ma self ...
1. dont ever read that again ... (learned it the had way) :P
2. dont try to wrtie stuff that u dotn know abt
3.i still dont know why i am doing this ..

like i vent learned
1. why ia mdoing this

Neethu said...

@ PP ..
keep bulbing.. =P

Unknown said...

neetthhuu....y do u learn wrong things.....if u dun write such stuff 4 us jobless ppl..who will?! :D ...keep blogin!

Leela said...

oh no.. here too??? :O

Leela said...

sure thing girl! ahem, tht means u owe something bac too..

Neethu said...

@ leela...

Leela said...


this much publicity wil do. ya, dudette, wonder wat evil plans uve gt cookin in ur head..

oh ya! how could i frgt tht!!no wonder i thought ki u planned th entire thing.. :x

Leela said...

Yeah, girl! and am good at it too. I still remember the alphabet after all these years. :)
classes goin good. :)

Anonymous said...

Gud work .. this thing n the original one >>
hmm.. Iam SANDEEp doin ma Btech 3rd Yr ...@ TVM .. >>
>> [:P] SisU in BLOGGING ..[:)]
Do comment on ma Blogs ..Aftr ReaDing ..plss ..