Saturday, February 21, 2015

73. It happened/happens to me….. again!!

Airhostess (announcement): “The seatbelt sign has been switched off, however for your own safety…blah ..blah.. blah… refreshments will be served shortly. We will be serving food for the children first.”
Me (Gosh! I’m so hungry, now I will have to wait till all those pesky kids are fed! Hmph! )
Airhostess (reaches the row behind my seat, with her food trolley and her one-liner): ”We will be serving the children first”.
Me (How much longer?! Sigh!...The smell of food made my tummy growl)
Airhostess (reaches my row and repeats her chant): “We are serving the children first”
Me (Alright get on with it fast. There are no children over here……. Wait! Was she looking in my direction?!!!)
I gave her a meaningful ‘matured’ smile just incase.. you know.. to avoid any confusion…
Airhostess (her eyes and wide smile fixed on me): “Do you want veg meals or non-veg meals?”
Me (swallowing my pride along with a few years of my age): “Okay, veg meals please”

I was served orange juice with the meal. No wine. No coffee. No tea. :-|


Plato Manchi said...

LOL these awkward situations where people treat you like kid, and the way you narrate them, they get to me everytime :v
i laugh really hard ... lol poor you, how was the orange juice by the way?

Neethu said...

Orange juice…..well… it tasted like orange juice.. =(