Thursday, March 25, 2010

59. It takes all kinds to make this world-I

During the tech round of PI(personal interview) by a leading software company... hmmm....lets call it \/\/||?%@
Interviewer: So Mr X, what all languages do you know?
Mr X(ComSci student): Sir. English, Malayalam, Hindi.

The guy got the job!
Well what can I definitely takes all kinds to make this world!


jinesh said...

What about the other incidents?

Quest said...

In our year one guy was asked About the name of our President. Ans: Parthiv Patel :D

Been long here?

Neethu said...

varum. waituu...;)

Neethu said...

:) happens only in NITC ;)

Sorcerer said...

Wow!! I think they found the hidden genius in him..

We will we will rock ya..
We will we will rock ya..

martha said...

Prior to getting placed i had attended 5 unsuccessful interviews of arnd 45 min(avg)..the one i got thru was mere 5 mins(hr +tech) :|

Anonymous said...

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