Wednesday, August 5, 2009

46. The thread of love

In this era when sibling rivalry is a more heard of term than sibling love, it’s good to take one day off to reflect on how our siblings influence our lives, how much they are a part of our lives, and how much love they deserve from us.
It’s funny that our siblings are the only ones whom we can hate as much as we love them. It’s amazing, how the first rival of our childhood, over the years, transforms into the one we love, admire and adore. Differences, how many there may be, our siblings are made of the same stuff as we are, and has been at our side, (whether figuratively or literally)from the beginning.
One needn’t necessarily be a blood relation to be your brother or sister. There are so many wonderful brothers and sisters out there, who make life so marvelous for us.
Today, is that special occasion to celebrate this wonderful relationship –by tying the holy thread which ‘pulsates with sisterly love and sublime sentiments’. And indeed I'm elated to, have ‘tied the knot’ today.


Arv said...

glad you had a nice day...

have fun :)

Quest said...

Blogging activities restricted these days unlike the last year? :)

Neethu said...


Neethu said...

yea..guess recession has affected all sectors!;)

Hari Vishnu said...

Lol.. Sure Raksha Bandhan is great time to recognise what a sibling means to you.. or to find a bro/sis in someone who never was born of your blood..

but back in our school days, this day was one of the most dreaded for some of the bachelor guys.. who wud conveniently avoid being around the girls on this day :)

Quest said...


That solves the mystery why for 4 years every rakshbandhan day you are confined to your bed citing illness from dawn to dusk bunking classes....:D :P

ICEMAN said...


Bohoo!! finally u spelt RAKHI as RAKI...

Anyways thanks "SIS" for this wonderful RAKHI...


Neethu said...

u dint gimme ny gift in return :( :P

alx said...

here wen dat gal whom u had a crush on doesnt tie u a rakhi , v take solace in d fact dat she doenst want us 2 b just a bro,but smthin mor......

also we consider it as a business for gals who get expensive gifts in return for a 'cheap' rakhi

btw wow u ve got a domain.....hmmm impressive

Anonymous said...

@ Shorty

My love is all i can gv u...if u wnt it take it illengi i will shower it upon few "others" :P

Uncle Lazy

Neethu said...


Neethu said...

hmph!maybe that's why my 'bro' dint gimme any gifts either!HOW RUDE!

Neethu said...

sure its only a few others? :P

Anonymous said...


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