Thursday, June 25, 2009

44. Life’s like that! –A few snippets from the campus

They say that the best way to keep oneself awake in the class is to keep a watch on the rest of the lot who are sleeping –might be true. I tried to experiment this and see for myself! Couldn’t help take a pic, when this guy dozed off and finally banged his head on the table
Spotted the ‘red head’?

When they said that the mess menu was gonna be upgraded, I never thought they’d go this far...

New item in the mess menu?

Don’t mistake this for a haunted house…it’s one of the rooms in the LH…good thing that our mothers seldom pay a visit to our hostels!

Haunted house?

. Gee..dats ma room(the day when I cleaned it;))…
Yea I know… I should grow up!
This is the instruction sheet that one of our sirs gave us, the day b4 the exam! No wonder I ended up getting an A in the exam

All that matters!

When animals and humans share the same seat…(notice how the feline family have carefully chosen the best chair for themselves..)

Feline Recline!

Ah! This is the view that we get from our LH top floor…I always love to gaze at the evening sky. It’s so amazingly beautiful…Each day, at dusk, the sky turns itself into a new canvas, playing with different hues and shades!! I bet the morning sky would be equally beautiful (sheesh! only if I had the habit of waking up early)
Nature’s treat!

Classes needn't necessarily be restricted to the classroom alone...
And there’s more!

Oh yea…you will get to see such sights too! No need to rub your eyes; it’s Mr. Chettan Bhagat himself! Thanks to the various clubs which try to out-do each other, such people set foot on our campus.

One night @ NITC!

Uncanny things seem to find their way into the trash box…
Out here, Lilies grow out of the trash box …

More things find their way to the dump place…
That’s all trash!
PS: Courtsey images:k750i


alx said...

I THINK u made us c enuf n mor frm yo classroom,it is indeed refreshing 2 c things inside d classroom,mess n of course LH which a dear frnd f mine mistuk as lecture hall wen one f yo NITCians enquired directions 2 LH while yo sports team ws here a few months bak.

gud 4 u dat u havent seen our mess,clasrooms or hostels

PS:k750i payin u 4 dis ad?

JiNeSH said...

heya..long time.. hehe
good ol' k750... that's how you are a 9 ptr?!

Vinitha Vasanth said...

Wow !! This is seriously a cool post !!
Nice (or rare , I must say ) collection of pics that you've uploaded ... liked this post a lot :)

Btw , I totally agree with you - the view from the LH top floor is awesome ... ok,I haven't been to that floor .. just that we can get the similar view from the steps that leads to the north mess's kitchen .. I've wished several times to take awesome shots of the sunset and so on from there , but unfortunately , I never have my camera in hand then :(

Hari said...

Nice pics!!

I missed Chetan Bhagat!! :(( :(( :((

And I'd love to venture out into the LH, not just the top floor! :P Will someone let me in? ;)

Phoenix said...

amazing pictures

Neethu said...

who said i havent seen ur mess,classroomn n hostel room? ;) :P

Neethu said...

ran out of pseudo names?:P

Arv said...


nice to see your post here again...

fun moments..

take care da... will talk to you when I reach India :)


Neethu said...

ya...keep clicking...after 2 more years those will be the oly things with u left of the colg lyf

Neethu said...

ya sure...welcome aboard :P

Anya said...

envy you cos of chetan. :)

nice hostel u stay in.. more fotos please

Anonymous said...

@ Neethu

Who else can be lucky to ruin a foto like that lemme guess...

TADA...chacko ryt...?


Neethu said...

@lachu uncle


Neethu said...

lol...thought it was you?:P

ICEMAN said...

@ Neethu

pic 1 : U wer often found sleeping urself on countless occasion(s) its bad that u comment on others.

pic 2: Secret of ur measured and contemplative gait....

pic 3: Your room before cleaning....

pic 4: Tada..Clean!!!

pic 5: Think about the pain & trauma u've caused in the class with your misbehaviour

pic 6:Dont be envious... thts ur chair rite ("odd(short) one out")

pic 7: Liar, Liar, Liar...u wake up on time...

pic 8:Q.E.D- Quad Erad Demonstratum ("Hence Proved" in greek)-Mark of an Ex-9 pointer now u knw y u got less marks....

pic 9:The forehead ruined the pic..sheesh

pic 10: Ur dustbin..?

pic 11: Ur paper...?

Disclaimer: All these comments are innocent acts borne out of extreme urge for carping.


Neethu said... u talking to ur mirror?:P
5.huh?...again talking to your mirror? do you know?you are talking as if you are my alarm clock:P
8.i know why you said that...HOW RUDE!:(
9.guess whose is it?;)
10.NO on the pic to see whose

Vishnu said...

blog hopped from sumwhere..
interesting blog u hav.. will come and disturb u often after my exams..