Sunday, January 11, 2009

37. Thus far...This way...

Nearly half a month into the new-year…hmm…and so far, it has been not all that bad. Classes haven’t really started in full swing yet, and assignments haven’t started piling up.(Thanks to the Muharam holiday which came on the right day, we saved ourselves from a drawing class + submission of 3 drawings next week. )Have been running around for a mini-project topic past two weeks; and voila, our project guide came up with this really nice project on ‘Liquefaction’(er… I dun have much idea about it as of now, but atleast those who know,testify that it’s a really ‘stud’ topic) Great weekend coming up ahead –a two-day class trip to Idukki(dam),Thekkadi and Athirapalli!yay!

And there was a pleasant surprise for me in the blogosphere as well! I have been awarded as the best blogger of the year by the CEO of the blospot… Okay, I know, that went a li’l overboard. But seriously, I did get something of the sort…I got a ‘200% awesome blogger’ credit…all thanks to Nikhil(MM) who seems to have been on an awarding spree right at the beginging of the year(superb way to start the year MM, …thanks a ton…)….

Anyways dunno whether it was due to this, or out of no reason at all, I’m in this writing mood these days. Boring classes are becoming my blogging classes now.…Hopefully I'll be able to blog more frequently(fingers crossed!) So thanks again MM…and apologies for taking this long to come up with this post(you know my close alliance with laziness…I am infact surprised that you didn’t give me the lazy blogger award instead )


Anya said...

humor queen

200 %

trips to athirapallyy

hope the 40 kilograms are not washed away

go safe

come back safe

have fun..

and me the first

Neethu said...

yea sure...thnx

Nikhil Menon said...

oh wow..So,u guys are makin it nxt week rite??
Hv a great time.. [:p]

Neethu said...

yup! u guys hd a gr8 tym h?

Anonymous said...

Aha! Happy days are here again! :D Whee!! Woo! :P

Enjoy maadi!

Hari said...


alx said...

completely agree with d award..

n yeah almost same problms dis side as wel, though im yet to pick a topic

hp ya hav a trip 2 remember

Hari Vishnu said...

haha.. enjoyin mini project season already eh.. soon itll be mini project submission season.. then placement season.. and then final year, the best part of your life..

how about the 'most jobless blogger of the year' award ? :)

Anonymous said...

its time for a new post... !

Quest said...

So lazy blogger, its been over a month....trying to beat me in that? ;-)