Saturday, September 27, 2008

32. Tah Dah!

Yeah! Finally after days of contemplation, and battling against acute laziness, my blog decided to shed its maiden skin!:D

Though it has been quite sometime since the “to do or not to do” process began, the peer pressure(from fella bloggers) was so immense that I finally decided to do it!(It would be improper at this juncture, if I fail to mention multimenon who used to yammer away about the “dull-mundane-out-dated” template of my blog, every now and then, as though he had absolutely nothing else to talk :P)

For those of you who were aware of the fact that I had attended a course on photoshop during the vacations and are nodding approvingly thinking that it had done me good, well hold on…for I never had any role in the creation of this new template:P
All I did was coax Leela(a photohsop whiz) well enough, until finally she gave in and sent me the template as a belated B’day gift:D…Talking about Leela, she is this friend of mine, who I like so much for the ways in which she makes me feel a lot heavier(:P)Though she looks like a 13 yr old kid, her writing skills have made some people wonder whether she’s a 30 yr old litt grad!Yeah that’s enough of publicity for her I guess;)

And talking about birthdays, my ‘big’ day was on 12th August, so if anybody else feels like sending me similar B’day gifts, do send ’em ASAP before 1 more candle gets added to my B’Day cake;)


Leela said...

It looks very welcoming, somehow; like this cosy little couch with a cup of hot coffee on the side table.
Thanks for the explicit publicity and for going overboard with the compliments. :P
I liked working for your header. :)
PS: My blog says it's feeling jealous now. :|

Hari said...

Wowowowow!!! :-O Your blog looks HOT

And, what's with Garfield and you? 'Divine intervension', I guess... ;-)

Never knew Leela was good with Photoshop. Well, that makes her one of the most versatile persons I've known. :D


Nikhil Menon said... looks real cute now.. :) nice work on the header and its all rosy..and btw,thnks for the publicity..I was the only person who was yammin abt it??oh.. :p

Anonymous said...

Stumbled onto your blog, by chance. And, I've been warned not to leave without commenting :) (Not that I wouldn't have otherwise)

Quite interesting a blog, a simple and neat template and,

@Leela: a great header! (Shouldn't you be tending a bit to your's now? :P)

Anonymous said...

thaks to leele, blah blah blah is having a great look...
thuneee what is this blog all about? you need gifts? ill send them right away.. three hot boys(hunks) will visit you soon..

Leela said...

*HOT* is the word haan!? lol!
Garfield was my idea. She didn't have a clue what she wanted for her header. :P
Woah. You are seriously going overboard with the compliments.


Thanks! :D I need to get rid of some laziness before that.

Yo! Thanks

This is a blogpost for me. So I am justified in writing this. :D And see, people like it.

Mental note: Should do this social service thing some more.

Neethu said...

yeah thnx!so when's the next header gonna be ready?:P

and ya bask away in glory chinks, bask away!:|

didu have to tell everyone whose idea was what??:x

and i guess infyblogger came through you...go on chinks..publicise!!

hey didu notice that chrony too called you leelee :P

and ya keep dropping in comments!u r always welcome to increase the comment counter;)

yeah and i'll always give ya chance of doing similar "public service":P
Leela said..."Mental note: Should do this social service thing some more."
yo! that's here now... your mental note has been recorded here in case you feel like going back on your word *evil grin*

Neethu said...

WOW thnx!
yea...its a looong story...the chemistry btn garfy n me;)

and ya thanks to you she must be on cloud nine now!:P

Neethu said...

Ha finally!alle?

dankuu...else my blog ll still have donned the same ol' look:D
btw...u ve been stuck on withya butterfly for smtyme....time to change na?

Neethu said...

i guess i should read by chance as by leela?
nyways thnx for dropping by:D

alx said...

Honestly i am tryin 2 wrk out d difference b/w yo last template & d new 1....d width seems 2 hav decreased & d banner looks so cute...n i guess yo fav color s white....looks pleasing though

PS:u r yet 2 post one on d chetan bhagath interactive session

Neethu said...

yea guess you can take it in that way as well....
and ya..toldya are talking a lotf crap these days:P

ya both the templates have similar shades...and no...white isnt my fav..just that it makes reading easier and more enjoyable!

oh am i really suppposed to blog about that?i dunno...gotta do some 'memory refreshing' for that:(lemme see....

@leela again
you must have banged your head agin now na? though this time it must have been against the ceiling;)

ziauddin said...

it all falls in place now :D
you kno after all ur buggin i mite actually make a blog if u cn get the photoshop queen to make me an awesome template ldat :D
nice bit of work
also i notice ur name is bac 2 being misspelt so i thot id renew dat tradition :D

Leela said...

Waa! Is it really that difficult to spell?

Don't you get started on that!

Neethu said...

hehe...lemme see...gimme another treat@CCD k?

Usha. said...

Happy birthday! my gift wud be this comment (a late one, dat too )!! nice template :)

P.S: Plzz leela, cud u do one for me..wid both Avril and Harry potter locked in a duel ( :O!!) or a kiss [:)] ... ;)

Random Ramblings said...

Hi. Your blog is very interesting. Makes me smile....keep writing...:)

btw, Belated Happy Birthday!!

Neethu said...

thank you!:D
and ya...will let leela know that...

@random ramblings

Anonymous said...

why is the garfy loooking like a 1960s ? photoshop work is gooooooodd.... ask her to teach me nah.. so this was a post eh.. write something soooon..

NPT said...

interesting... very... where were you wen we needed articles for the collg magazine!!!!
to answer a question you posed to me ages back :)
no i have not ditched my blog... but after seeing yours i have a good mind to :)
i never knew a dedicated blogger would emerge from our college!
most of us blogged out of boredom than anything else!
great work!!

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...

Heya. Found your comment somwehere. So dropped by.

Because your name is Neethu. My best bud's name is Neethu. AND she uses Garfield as her dp too!! :D
How weird/awesome is that?!?

VERY VERY belated bday wishes. :)

Liked ur template. I love Garfield. :D

Leela said...


Neethu said...

ya garfy is pretty old yu know:P
ya ll ask her to teach ya...(@lee...i need commision...)

Neethu said...

lemme put it this way....where's the college mag when i came...looks like there's no longer a mag commitee:(

OH mY! how come my blog evoked ditching tendency from u?:O

and thanks fr ya comment:)

Neethu said...

hiya!thnx 4 'dropping by accidently';)

ya me loves garfy too:D hi5!

Neethu said...

voila what?:O