Saturday, June 14, 2008

24. Friends, bloggers, ATM users…

Yeah…so the above mentioned people…lend me your ears(ya am in shortage of ears…)for I have come to telya something important and not to just blah blah!
Last day I went to the ATM to withdraw some cash. There was a man who was already in the ATM counter collecting his cash, so I had to wait for him to get out. I hopped in as soon he got out and guess what I saw in the ATM monitor?
Do you want to continue? Enter YES or NO (a timer was doing count down)
My reflexes, being a little too sensitive, my fingers hit the YES option even before I realized what I was doing. The monitor blinked for a moment and there comes before me another screen:
Welcome Mr shivakumar.(oh! so dat's the guy's name eh?)
I was elated!
Enter your PIN:_ _ _ _
Uh oh! There comes the trouble…But once again my reflexes took the better of me..and once again, before I fingers punched in four numbers **** (my pass code to be precise).
Incorrect PIN. Try again…
Well this is what I expected to appear on the screen but guess what? Guess again! There comes on the screen the page showing,
My excitement knew no bounds…I could have jumped up with excitement. I hit an unknown guy’s unknown PIN correct -a probability of 1 in 9999.Woah!I coudn't wait to tell it to the whole world....
I punched the FAST CASH option and sure enough there comes the next screen with various options…
RS 1000
RS 2000
RS 3000
RS 5000
I got a little scared now! I couldn’t trust myself…so before my reflexes do its nasty play again, I pressed the cancel button and the transaction was cancelled. What would I have done if I had punched in some amount and the money came out?
So next time you use your ATM, make sure that your transaction is complete and you properly log out, cos not everyone will have a problem with using somebody else’s money…
Well…this is what I was planning to blog as soon as the incident took place last week. I was really thrilled by the whole thing and was wondering what could have happened if I had entered some amount, and got the cash…I couldn’t wait to get back home to tell my parents about it. I was infact puffing up with pride that I had acted honest, in a place where I could have treated myself to some bucks. Only later did someone explain to me while I was in the process of narrating to the ‘n’th person, my little 'episode at the ATM' that I was enlightened of the fact that SBI ATMs logs you in with whatever PIN you enter, and you could do all the above mentioned processes without any problem. Only at the last step when you really punch in some amount to withdraw cash, will the monitor show:
Incorrect PIN!try again!.
And that too, you will only have 3 chances of entering incorrect PIN after which the card gets locked automatically…Anyway thanks to the guy, I saved myself from a lot of embarrassment. But still…all you ATM users, please be careful henceforth ;)


Anonymous said...

so you actually became rich by 5000.. wow.. treat me

Neethu said...

oh yeah?

Anonymous said...

btw wats xxxx?

Shady said...

Hilarious! and er.. informative to an extent to the atm-freshies.

Neethu said...


Neethu said...

ya and to certain non-freshies too;)

Keshi said...

I hate ATMs...they r worse than human tellers. LOL!


Wetfingers said...

have you seen those missing glasses at our ATM (on the sides)?

Neethu said...

but then u ll b forced to use them one time or d other ;)

Neethu said...

@wetfingers atm?the one near d bank?
btw..thnx for droping by:)

Leela said...

Woah! Have gotta try that out!

Neethu said...

and dont temme later that i dint warn ya..

Quest said...

There is also the probability of the accnt hvn zero balance and the user wanted to tempt the one comn after him....and u fell halfway to temptation :D
---this after 8 yrs :)

Hari Vishnu said...

hehe.. nice try, thinkin u were all honest and all..

but u know wat, atleast u saved the guy from having his atm card disabled.. its a big headache to get it back after that.. so hey, mr. shivakumar has something to thank u for after all :-)..

Neethu said...

@hv was your classmate who told me about the atm thingy...his got locked too...;)

alx said...


i njoy reading foolishness

its only aftr cumin 2 d col dat i started usin atm.....specially 2 collect cash 4 my d 1st time i went 2 an atm i dint knw how it wrked or hw 2 put d card was an sbi atm n i lingered around d place so dat i cud c othr n learn....after cing a couple f transactions i learned n did my wrk

as u wud knw sbi atm usually asks u 2 jz push d card n take it out n i thot it ws an universal d next time i ws send 2 anothr banks atm i did d same but the machine sucked the card in n i ws terrified.....i thot d card ws gone since i put it in d wrong way.....

that incident jz dawned on me wen i read dis....sorry f i ws botherin u with such a silly story ove here

Neethu said...

no probs...always happy to read what ya write...
and ya..i havent visited ny other atm other than sbi till date

e X o D u S said...

well..if u had entered the digits for cash from his account...nothing wud have cme out..i have tried it once with my card..n after punching the agian demands for pin number..n after that shows

Neethu said...

erm....that's kinda what i have written...

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Anonymous said...

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