Tuesday, May 13, 2008

17. FranaB unplugged:I-Radio Mango

Just as I had promised, here’s updates to my ‘serious series writing’. FranaB’s unplugged again. There’s hardly any mallu who haven’t heard of Radio Mango 91.9, the most happening thing in the mallu radio world today. For those ignorant souls, here’s the link.Click! One fine morning in the month of November, the prankster minds of the boys of our batch suddenly started working, and who better to play their pranks on other than FranaB?? So here goes….

Click here to get the actual conversation!

Here's the conversation if you doesn't happen to know malayalam.....

Radio Mango: Hello good morning madam.
Frana James: Good morning .Who’s it?
RM: I’m calling from Radio Mango FM 91.9
FJ: ok…..
RM: I’m from a programme called DimDimDamaka, sponsored by Atlas jewellery
FJ: ok…
RM: You have been selected as this week’s lucky contestant.You will have an opportunity to win 20 gold coins from Atlas jewellery through this programme
FJ:[still continues here unsure ok….]
RM: Madam now I’ll connect to the RJ.
RM: Shall I connect to the radio jockey?
FJ: aa..
RM: Madam, I’ll give you the instructions-After connecting to the radio, you are supposed to talk only after they say a ‘Hi’
FJ: ok….
RM: Madam, you have just woken up from sleep?
FJ: yes…

RM: Madam, if you want to, you can go and freshen up and come.. I’ll hold on.
FJ: Who’s this? I didn’t get you.
RM: My name’s Ramesh. I’m from Radio…
FJ: Are you trying to fool me early in the morning?[Aha! The lady's got brains !]
RM: Er..umm..Madam, we’ve got your number from Airtel customers…This programme is sponsored by Airtel and Atlas
FJ: eh?
RM: you have been selected as this week’s lucky contestant.
FJ: huh?
RM: Madam, shall I connect you with the RJ?
FJ: You sound like someone…
[Aha!more brains…]
RM: Madam, shall I connect you with the RJ?
FJ: Ha..do it then…

(The guy holds the phone.Music played in the background….)

Radio Jockey: Hello, welcome back to Radio Mango 91.9 FM. Let’s see who’s the lucky contestant of today’s Atlas jewellery’s DhimDhimDhamaka! Hello….
FJ: Hello…
RJ: Helloo…
FJ: Hello…
RJ: who’s this?

FJ: (murmering to herself)
What should I say??
RJ: Hello, what’s your name?

FJ: Anu[More brains???]
RJ: Anu?
[The guy’s surprised whether he called the wrong number, but is quick in hiding it!]
FJ: aa…

RJ: K Anu what are you doing?
FJ: I’m studying
RJ: Studying? K where are you studying?
FJ: In college.
RJ: K in which college are you studying?
FJ: Err..I’m studying in one college.
RJ: ok..ok. So we’re going to the first question of Atlas jewellery’s DhimDhimDhamaka
FJ: aa..
RJ: So I’ll tell you the rules and regulations of this contest
FJ: aa..
RJ: We’ll be asking a question based on a song, and if you get it right, you will win 2 gold coins sponsored by Atlas jewellery [Gosh! doesnt the guy get tired of repeating the dumb name over and over again?...sorry no personal grudge against the jewellery!]
FJ: aa...

RJ: ok so we’ll go to the question?
FJ: aaa…[grr… she and her never ending aaaas..Is she,by any chance, practicing for the song ?? ]

(Music of one famous hit from the mallu film classmates played in the background)
RJ: Hello Anu?

FJ: Hello..
RJ: Hello…Which song starts off with this music?
FJ:(says very excitedly..her excitement so very clear in her voice) It’s the starting of the song from ‘classmates’
RJ: Which song?
FJ: Song????oh...’Kaatadithanalil…’
RJ: Anu..can you sing two lines?
FJ: But I don’t sing..
RJ: Please sing Anu…It’s a programme right?
(giggles and jeers from the background..Frana’s side)
FJ: hehe..kaattadi thanalil..,thanalathe mar
avil(she says steadily...refusing to sing)
RJ: er…can you sing two lines?

FJ: kaatadi thanalummmmm…[now she starts singing..but stops abruptly..thank God!Phew!!!]ok that’s it!
RJ: ok ok. Anu we’re going to the next question. Now you have won 2 gold coins sponsored by Atlas jewellery. Now you can decide for yourself whether you should go to the next level or not. If you are going to the next round, and fail to give the right answer, you will lose what you have won in the last round, else you will get 5 gold coins sponsored by Atlas jewellery.
FJ: No!No!.No need to go…[she aint that greedy eh?]
RJ: So you intend to stop with the 2 gold coins sponsored by Atlas jewellery?
[Oh no!not the Atlas again!!grr…]
FJ: ok

RJ: er..ok..er..fine..so now we’ll connect you to our executives. You can give your name and address to them. ok byebye..
Radio Mnago 91.9 FM, naatilengum paatayi.(some background noises)
RM: Hello

FJ: Hello

RM: Hello.Madam, your name please..
FJ: Er..Frana James
[So where did Anu go now??:P]
RM: Frana james

FJ: Nit calicut[Oh so her college’s got a name after al]
RM: Nit calicut
FJ:s4 electrical.
RM: s4 electrical
FJ: aa..
RM: ok madam we’ll give you a verification number
FJ: ok.
RM: 6782
RM: 6782
FJ: OK..
RM: this is your secret code. Do not tell it to anyone else. We’ll be contacting you again, to inform you further about the prize details.

FJ: ok
RM: ok thank you.
FJ: ok...
RM: have a nice day!!!

I can only imagine the roars of laughter and celebrations that ensued at the boys hostel after the phone call. Anyways…the ‘Radio Monkeys’ did keep their word…the very next day Anu..er..sorry Frana James got 2 gold coins(the chocolate version)and also a monkey from Radio mango 91.9FM..As can be guessed it didn’t take long for the whole campus to know about FranaB’s Radio Mango 91.9FM…. naatilengum paatayi…;)


Quest said...

Good one :)) Even I hav hrd somthn on similar lines but not sure whether it was the same incident and definitely nt able to recollect the characters...

Anonymous said...

awesome prank.. himalayan mouse pees freely... cool one.. keep up the prank levels high...

Neethu said...

hmm...1 doubt!u know mallu propelry?

Quest said...

Playing pranks is an art.....something which I have perfected over the years :D

rantravereflect/ jane said...

awesome prank!
grt way to go!
if ya've seen the new ad for virgin mobiles tat's how it goes, as well :)

Nikhil Menon said...

awesome prank!!truly adipoli..hey..got bac on sunday for tht unfinished business of mine..
btw checkout www.templatepanic.com for cool templates and the one u ve shown is nice too..but do check out tht site for more...

Anonymous said...

naa i dun know mlayalam properly.. been here in kerala for four years now and hence can understand it.. but cant talk for sure

Neethu said...


really?i shud stop switching channels during the time of adv;)


well...its never too late to learn!
btw u workin in technopark rite?

Leela said...

Good one! Well executed too, I must say.

Anonymous said...

ooh greatt!! pavamm kutti .. so it was on loud speaker uh ?? seems like a made-up story {EViL grInN}


Neethu said...


Hari Vishnu said...

ultimate prank.. may i know who were the script writers behind this great drama..

btw u shud read some of viajero's pranks.. really cool.. our batch electrical was full of these types..

Neethu said...

@hari vishnu
u mite know them, Ullas(tronics) and all...our batch rep last yr...

Unknown said...

wwaahh!!!.....my poor fraannaa.......dun worry dear....ill stand up 4 ya!.....btw ....thos "giggles n jeers 4m frana's end" was actually me !! :D

alx said...

this ws d 1st post i read

so damn funny,both d incident n d way u presented it....

cool idea , but felt sorry 4 ur dumb frnd...

frans said...

frend nt dumb

frans said...

dnt hve 2 feel soo sorry ..it was damn fun 4 d frend too

Neethu said...

lol anju way to go;)

Neethu said...

hehe thnx

Neethu said...

lol franaa calm down