Friday, June 22, 2007

5. The Muse Returns!

Seconds pass by, minutes pass by, hours pass by, days pass by, weeks pass by, a month too passes by…WHAT!!! It has been that long?? And still no sign of him? Where the heck is he? How can I miss him for this long? How can he be such a ditcher? My friends have already started asking…what’s happening to you ? Why? Its really can I answer them all?? Can I tell them the truth? Survival without him is a matter of question…dying without him…dying…almost dead… my blog’s dying… O Muse! where art thou??

The state of a blogger who has nearly run out of ideas is a really miserable one. Cant express it in words. A large number of cases have been recently reported in quite a number of blogs( With the number of blogs in the net increasing progressively day by day,and thereby the Muse being kept busy, the matter is feared to go out of control. Timely action needs to be taken before this plague claims more lives. So here are some quick facts for you.
Scientific name: looso musia syndrome
Most vulnerable ones: those bloggers, writers,chatters and scrappers who being temporarily jobless and have found some solace blogging and whose creative juices have either dried up in the summer heat or have got dissolved in the monsoon rains.
Symptoms: sudden mood-shifts which may result in sudden variation of facial expressions; often getting lost in thought; often seen scratching the head or scribbling on pieces of paper, or for the more advanced techies.. staring at the blank screen of the MS Word at length; an increase in the number of blog-hopping he/she makes in an attempt to get some ideas and so on…
Remedy: Wait for the return of the Muse or blog at your own blog’s stake… no other cure known till date.
Sensing that I am slowly becoming a victim to this deadly disease, I suddenly got into action. Tried out ‘n’ number of things which proved to be of no avail. Finally I decided to try out in the old ‘Mayavi’ style…Om krim Museee… Om krim Museee…
(well this piece of crap is inserted as a result of a certain friend who keeps chanting this often…so much so that I penned it down)Anyway….the Muse senses one of its blogger in trouble(that's me!) and Voila!the Muse returns…and after 1 month 3 weeks 3 days 2 hours
and 15 minutes I go blogging again…somebody stop me!!!

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Leela said...

way to go, plucky! phew! i had given up on ur blog! but u strike in ur own unique way! bloggin abt nt bloggin 4 so long! lol!
PS: wil definitely approach u in case i end up wid th looso musia syndrome! :P